2012 Main Session Dates: May 29-July 17

Intensive Session A: May 7-June 1; Intensive Session B: July 23-August 3

            Rutgers University School of Law–Camden offers several summer session course options including an eight-week main summer session (seven weeks of classes followed by exams) and two intensive sessions designed to allow both full- and part-time law students from Rutgers and elsewhere flexibility in planning their academic programs.  Enrolling in summer session provides students the opportunity to earn credit towards their graduation requirement of 84 credits, as well as required skills and writing credits.  Students may register up to 11 credits in the summer term, provided that the students conform to the limitations imposed by Academic Rude 8.6 (no more than 5 credits at one time for part-time students and 8 credits at one time for full-time students). 

            A benefit of the summer program is that students who may feel constrained by the maximum credit-load restrictions of the regular academic term have the chance to broaden their curricular experience by attending summer classes.  Courses are offered in both day and evening time slots to allow flexibility in attendance options. A final advantage of enrolling in summer session is that it offers Rutgers-Camden students the opportunity to meet and interact with other law school colleagues, because we welcome summer session candidates from other institutions.    

            This introduction will highlight several of our offerings.  Many students want opportunities to gain practical experience, and this summer we are offering a full menu of externship opportunities, clinical courses and an additional course with a live client component.  Students may be interested in the Mediation Clinic, a new program for 2ls and 3ls that allows students to gain experience mediating court matters for litigants, and the Social Security Disability Practice course, another new course offering students hands-on experience.  For your convenience, this introduction will provide a list of all courses offering skills and writing credits and outline the requirements for clinics and externships.  

Courses offering skills or writing credit  -- * = Optional

Child and Family Advocacy Clinic S/W/WI*

Civil Practice Clinic S/W/WI*

Directed Research W/WI

Domestic Violence Clinic S/W

Entertainment Law Drafting WI

Judicial Externship W*/WI*

Mediation Clinic S

Negotiation S

Practice Externship S*/W*/WI*

Persuasion in Legal Writing WI

Professional Responsibility (Shashoua) W*

Social Security Practice S/W

Statutory Interpretation and Legislation W

Externship Program requirements 

            This summer, the law school will again offer a limited-enrollment Externship Program, in both the Judicial and Practice Externships.  Qualified students who have completed their second year of law school, who have fulfilled the appropriate prerequisites, and who are approved by selected civil and criminal supervising agencies will complete 336 hours of work on a schedule suitable to their needs.  Students will also participate in class meetings approximately once every two weeks and will submit to the Externship Program Director reports and journals related to their experience.  Interested students must contact Externship Director, Professor Harriet Katz, to review options and be referred to a placement.

Clinical Program requirements

            Eligible full- and part-time students may enroll in a clinic during the summer session.  To be eligible for all clinics, students must have completed their first year courses and be in good academic standing.  Further, the Child and Family Advocacy, Civil Practice and Domestic Violence Clinics require that students have completed 56 credits towards graduation and courses in Evidence and Professional Responsibility.  The Mediation Clinic is open to students who have completed 28 credits (rising 2ls) and a New Jersey Superior Court-approved mediation training, such as the training offered by the law school’s Pro Bono Program and the Mediation Practicum class.  Enrollment in Clinics requires permission of the faculty, and all interested students should fill out the enrollment form and CFAC form and turn them in to the clinic office in room 215.  Forms can be found on the Clinic webpage.

Part-time students    

            Part-time students who have completed their first year may take any summer session course assuming that they have completed the prerequisites for that class.  Part-time students may also take Constitutional Law or Professional Responsibility as an alternative to completing these required courses in the fall or spring semester.


            In the main summer session, three-credit courses meet six hours each week; two-credit courses meet four hours per week (and four-credit first year courses meet eight hours per week).   There is no minimum credit load requirement.  In all limited-enrollment courses, Rutgers-Camden students are given first priority for available seats.

            We are also running two intensive sessions.  Please pay particular attention to any date notations on the Alpha schedule, but for your convenience here is the list of intensive courses:

Session A:     Juvenile Law & Policy, May 7-18

                        Mediation Practicum, May 7-11 (a prerequisite for the Mediation Clinic)

                        Persuasion in Legal Writing, May 7-18

                        Professional Responsibility §1, May 7-18

                        Trial Advocacy, May 21-June 1  

Session B:       Interviewing & Counseling, July 23-Aug 3

                          Law of Charities and Non Profit Organizations, July 23-Aug 3

Cuban Legal System - start date May 24-June 26 -Includes a trip to Cuba June 9-16.

Students who want to take this course must, in addition to registering for the course through the on-line registration system, pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 as soon as possible, and pay the full cost of the trip (as provided at the link below) by May 1, 2012.  The link below has information posted regarding the cost of the trip.  Please contact Wendy Osefo at 856-225-6348 or wendy.osefo@rutgers.edu for further details.


Sales runs May 29-June 15.

More information on our summer session is available in our: Summer 2012 Registration Packet 

                Please do not hesitate to contact Associate Dean Victoria L. Chase, Rutgers University School of Law, Camden, NJ (vlchase@camden.rutgers.edu) 856-225-2773) if you have additional questions about Summer Session 2012.