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Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars Program

LSAC's PLUS Program at Rutgers University School of Law - Camden was made possible by a generous grant from the Law School Admission Council. A four-week immersion program into the legal world, the primary purpose of the program was to increase the diversity and quality of applicants applying to law school while also promoting the success of underrepresented minorities in the legal profession.

The Program

The LSAC PLUS Program at Rutgers University School of Law - Camden exposed the fundamental skills necessary to succeed at law school and as a lawyer.  It provided opportunities to meet and learn from law school professors, deans, current students, practicing attorneys and current/former judges. The program consisted of a rigorous curriculum designed to enhance the critical thinking, critical reading, problem solving, writing, and persuasive and public speaking skills.  The LSAC PLUS Program at Rutgers University School of Law - Camden used an active learning model where students assumed the role of a lawyer in a simulated case.  In teams, students acted as junior associates who received a case file and then worked through all the steps involved in representing a client.

The PLUS Program included:

  1. Law school classes
  2. A moot court competition
  3. Field trips (law firms, legal services organizations and other venues)
  4. Guest Speakers
  5. Professionalism Seminars


The program was offered at no cost to all participants.

The LSAC PLUS program at Rutgers University School of Law – Camden was a four-week residential program funded by a grant from Law School Admission Council.   Participants lived on campus at Rutgers – Camden and were provided bi-weekly stipends for successful participation in the program.

About the Rutgers University School of Law – Camden

The School of Law-Camden is a leading center of legal education. Its faculty is internationally recognized in a number of fields including constitutional, criminal, health, and corporate law. Its alumni are leading members of the bar in public and private practice settings throughout the nation. The school is well represented among the state and federal judiciary. The law school is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is on the list of approved schools of the American Bar Association. It offers a three-year course of study for full-time students and a four-year, part-time program leading to the awarding of the Juris Doctor degree. The law school had its origin in the South Jersey Law School, which was established in Camden in 1926 by Arthur E. Armitage, Sr., and an interested group of citizens. In 1950 the School of Law was merged with Rutgers University and, along with the Newark Law School, became part of the State University School of Law. In accordance with a resolution of the Board of Governors, the Schools of Law of Camden and Newark were established as autonomous units on July 1, 1967.

Student Life

Rutgers University School of Law - Camden provides a unique learning environment for students. Located just minutes from Philadelphia, PA in Camden, NJ, and 90 minutes from the New Jersey beaches, you will easily be able to enjoy the rich, vibrant life of the city or relax in the sand on the beach.  You will also have access to all the academic and recreational facilities available at a top ranked law school.

For more information about the LSAC's PLUS Program at Rutgers University School of Law - Camden contact:

Angela V Baker
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
LSAC Plus Program
Rutgers --The State University of New Jersey
School of Law - Camden
217 North Fifth Street ∙ Camden, NJ 08102-1203


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