Current law students may order business cards from Pequod Communications.  Please note that RutgersUniversity/Rutgers School of Law-Camden is not in any way affiliated with Pequod Communications.  This service is provided only as a conveniece to Rutgers-Camden law students.  


100 cards = $20.00

250 cards  = $25.00

500 cards = $30.00

Instructions For Placing an Order

1. Click here and enter user name: Rutgers; password: demo

2. Click on Orders: Place New Order

3. Under View Products, click on Order

4. Fill out the information in the fields and press Preview

5. CAREFULLY check proof to make sure there are no errors. If you place an order incorrectly you are responsible, in full, for all printing and shipping costs related to the order if the product matches the form you submitted.

6. If you are satisfied, press Add To Cart. If you need make changes, press Modify.

7. Press Checkout

8. Under Contact information, enter your Name and Phone Number. Leave the Billing/Department Code blank.

9. Enter the Shipping information. You may have the cards shipped to Career Planning for free. We will email you when they come in. Orders arrive in the Career Planning Office approximately 2 -3 weeks after the order was placed.  Or, you may have the cards shipped directly to you for $7.50. If you choose to ship them to Career Planning enter the following:

Rutgers University School of Law
Career Planning Office
217 North 5th Street
Camden, NJ 08102

10. Click Place Order

11. Enter your credit card info and click Submit